Top 10 applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is being utilized in our daily life and has made a huge influence in the field ...
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How will Artificial Intelligence change the way you lead

In recent times, the buzzword in terms of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It simply means that a machine or ...
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HR analytics

Top 4 reasons why HR Analytics is a good career choice

HR Analytics is rapidly changing the way HR policies work in any organization. If you're wondering why that’s important, analytics ...
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Business Analysis

How a Business Analyst can add value to your organization

Business Analytics (BA) is the statistical study of business data. With the advancement in technology, computer science and internet, Business ...
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Business Analytics 1

Basics of Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) is not a new concept and has been used ever since the management exercises were started by ...
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corporate Training

How HR Analytics can add value to your organization

Human Resource Analytics or HR Analytics focuses on ‘whys’ and what will happen next in an organization, after analyzing the ...
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top online mba programs in india

HR Analytics – An Overview

HR Analytics (Human Resource Analytics) is the field of analytics that applies analytic processes to the HR department of an ...
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business analytics

Upcoming Business Analytics trends for 2018

Business Analytics has become imperative in the last decade or so with the rise in technology, internet and computer science ...
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Importance of Business

The importance of Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a discipline wherein unstructured business data is assimilated and organized before being precisely analyzed through a wide ...
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Online Corporate Training

Importance of AI in the corporate world

When it comes to technology and computer science, Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most talked about jargon in the ...
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types of Artificial Intelligence

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The recent buzzword in terms of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a broad sense it means that a machine ...
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artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the most talked about topic in recent times and rightly so. AI is ...
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Top 4 skills to negotiate better

We negotiate in multiple ways on a daily basis, from negotiating for an extra handful of olives in your sandwich ...
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Businessman ticking a box

4 signs that it’s time to enroll for a Leadership Development Program

While running an organization, it is very easy to overlook certain intricate details which are vital and can prove to ...
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A corporate meeting with 4 persons

Top 5 common negotiation mistakes and how to overcome them

Negotiation is a term that makes many of us uncomfortable and uneasy, but, excites the rest of the folk. Why ...
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How to ace a negotiation?

Negotiation is a crucial skill that can accelerate your growth parth at your workplace. Companies are always making deals with ...
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Speech and crowd

How to build trust as a leader?

A leader’s role is pivotal to the growth of any organization. He/she always executes well- defined strategies, communicates efficiently, has ...
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A set of arrows

What are the leadership challenges in the modern world?

In today’s digital world, as technology evolves, so does business. Due to this, the challenges faced by top leaders in ...
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A set of statistics and a laptop

How does a leadership development program benefit an organization?

Leaders are the most integral part of any organization. Without an efficient leader, an organization cannot function accurately. In most ...
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A set of statistics and pen

Top 4 leadership blind spots and how to overcome them

Great leaders agree that blind spots in a business can cost them a fortune. It could be a tiny detail ...
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A set of arrows

Leadership Development program – A necessity for company success?

Building a completely engaged workforce in the face of high stress and tight schedules seems like a distant dream for ...
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Corporate superman

Executive Leadership Development Program – The secret of Superbosses?

‘Superbosses’, as the term suggests, are bosses who go beyond exceptional. These individuals believe in the growth and upliftment of ...
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A group of paper birds

Do leadership programs set successful CEOs apart?

Looking up a blog article to know what sets successful CEOs apart invariably leads you to the iconic study conducted ...
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Person with graph

3 ways to boost productivity

3 ways to boost productivity Leaders and entrepreneurs, in an endeavor to achieve their maximum potential, tend to grab every ...
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Chess pieces

Employee engagement and leadership development

Building a completely engaged workforce in the face of high stress and tight schedules seems like a distant dream for ...
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Work place stress infographic

How successful people handle workplace stress

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ This famous English expression distinctly defines a class of people who ...
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Man with cupped hands

Building a high-trust organization

What is at the crux of a successful business organization? There can be many equally significant answers to this question, ...
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3 people having a discussion

Managing millennials in the workplace

Millennials can be categorized as young adults born between 1980 and 2000 (The date range is up for debate). These ...
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A group of people on a glass pane

Reasons why leaders fail

Reasons why leaders fail Amidst all the havoc of aiming to unravel what makes one a better leader, or the ...
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Domino effect in the corporate world

Why startups fail

The Silicon Valley’s of the world have witnessed innumerable success stories of startups that made it big. The bitter truth ...
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